Is A Shaky Signature On A Living Will Valid?

This is a situation that is more commonplace than expected.  As we get older, it is increasingly difficult to write anything, including our own name.  We know exactly how to do it, but our hands don’t want to cooperate.  The signature can become be jerky or illegible.  Are there any problems associated with such signatures and what can be done to ensure their validity?

First, realize that a signature is more like a logo or personal brand.  You do not have to discern every word or letter.  You simply have to verify that it is the person’s signature.  This means that a “jerky” signature is perfectly sufficient.

The real problem is if the signature varies dramaticallyThis is an indication of forgery 1)  So it is important for your elderly parents to continue signing their signature to documents so it looks the same and has some conformity.  Some people even the help and steady their hand when they do so. If the signatures ever contested in court, the handwriting experts will look at the other documents signed at the same time.  Whether shaky or not, if they are similar, it is an indication of authenticity.

Also remember that it easier to forge a shaky signature.  The hardest signatures to forge are the ones that are quick and fluid.  A shaky signature is written letter by letter very slowly and that means it is easier to forge.

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