How to Start Home Business Without Investment

We hear stories about successful businesses that started in someone’s home. For example, Hewlett-Packard1) started in the garage of two individuals in Silicon Valley. The stories usually involve little or no investment where the individuals are capitalizing on their energy, creativity and experience, as opposed to large investments in material, equipment, machinery or advertising. Can you really start a home business without much of an investment? You certainly can, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Prior to the Internet, almost any business was started brick-and-mortar by the renting of space, finding the geographical location and walk-in traffic from patrons. You had to go to time and effort of paying rent, building out the leasehold space, buying counters, furniture, inventory, advertising, and hiring a number of employees. And then hoping the customers would notice you in that pre-arranged location.

Man in home office using computer and smilingThen the Internet came and allowed virtual businesses to spring up literally anywhere. For example, assume you want to sell neckties. You do not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building out a store in an upscale shopping center, a large advertising budget, and the inventory of all the ties. You can simply do all the ordering on the Internet, have a procuring company do the shipping, and even manufacture overseas.

Equally important is what you do not have to do before the orders come in. Literally have the supplier ready to ship before actually entering into an order. You then wait for the customers to purchase and then procure the merchandise to be shipped.

But there are some problems. For high interest items such as shoes and close, if you  are not on the first couple of pages of Google, there is little likelihood you will be noticed. So you have to go to the time and after of having SEO performed and/or Google adwords 2)

If you have the patience to wait, you can slowly watch the site move-up on the rankings, and do so for little or no investment. So in summary, you can start a home business with little investment, but you have to be sagacious enough to know how to do it properly.


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